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VisualRF - Updated Floor Plans

AMP 7.3.4
From time to time we get updated floor plans for buildings as new offices and rooms redesigned. I have built out most of our buildings but I can't find a way to simply change the drawings base floor plan for a new one with out deleting it and rebuilding all the AP's. I'd rather not have to build every floor from scratch but rather just move a few AP's around based upon different drawing scales. Any easy way to do this in VisualRF? If not it really needs to be added to future releases.

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Re: VisualRF - Updated Floor Plans

Unfortunately you cannot swap out the background image in VRF once the floor plan has been created. There is an open feature request but it will take us some time to get to it.

There are a couple of different ways to move the APs.

The easiest is probably to take a screenshot of the existing AP placements, delete the floor plan, add the new floor plan, use the screen shot to place the APs in the correct spot.

How often do you get new floorplans like this? When you do are they typically CAD files or jpg? Do they typically have the same amount of whitespace around the outside walls?
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Re: VisualRF - Updated Floor Plans

Chiming in for this as well. I have been searching and searching for a method to do this since we could directly on the controllers as well as in the old planning software. We get updated floor plan images from our Property Management team once or twice a year. Quite often we get the updated image because they have completely rebuilt one section of a floor for a business unit, but having to go back and re-draw all of the walls and AP locations is just a real pain since only 20% of a floor has changed. What really kills us is they will rebuild say the NorthWest corner of a floor, send us updated floor plans and then 3 months later they go back in and do the NorthEast corner. Over the course of 18 months, we have to go back in 4 or 5 times for the same floor as they refresh each of our locations or reorganize where each business unit sits.

In our scenario, we get PDF and DWG files provided to us. These files are usually the exact same scale and the exact same whitespace around as the existing files. They just have the updated interior walls and furniture layouts.
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