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What is “signal quality” for Aruba WLAN

Does anyone know what is AirWave “signal quality” for Aruba Wireless?

One of the features in AirWave I love is centralize for wireless network management and troubleshooting. The wireless user problems seem always in either slow or can’t connect to the WLAN. When Helpdesk received this call, I always told them first to check the “signal quality”.
The signal quality graph scales from 1-100. In the diagnostics page, the ideal signal quality is >= 20. But what are these numbers mean? How does it correlate to Aruba Wireless?

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Trinh Nguyen
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What is "signal quality" for Aruba WLAN

The "Signal Quality" displayed on the User Detail page in the graph and
in the table is the SNR from the Aruba controller. AWMS polls the
wlanStaRSSI oid from the controller which reports the SNR. That value
is displayed as the Signal Quality.
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Re: What is “signal quality” for Aruba WLAN

Thank you for your reply and verification.
~Trinh Nguyen~
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What is good signal quality?

Following up in this thread: what is the good signal quality?

According to AirWave Users/Diagnostic the “Ideal Signal Quality” is >= 20. If signal quality is SNR, using SNR(dB) formula (V is RMS amplitude):

SNR(dB) = 20(log Vsignal/Vnoise) >= 20 or Vsignal >= 10 Vnoise

Is it strong enough for the Vsignal? I had a user using Guest account, when the signal quality drops to 20-30, she had intermittent problem with IPSEC tunnel. But if the signal quality is > 35 everything work.
~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: What is “signal quality” for Aruba WLAN

Hi Trinh,

We arrived at a low quality signal threshold of 20 as a result of testing here in-house. We acknowledge that the figure might not hold up in all situations, that the actual threshold is dependent upon the unique conditions of each site. We are looking into making that a user-modifiable setting so you can adjust it according to your situation and your needs.
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