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api xml questions

I'm trying to find an automated way to send emails showing discovered rogues to selected people.

I need to know the IP address of the AP that discovered the rogue--that's the best way to narrow down the location of the rogue.

Is there a query that can be run to associate a rogue with the IP address of the AP that discovered it?

If there is such a query, how do you run it on the AMP server?
I tried to retrieve XML data using cURL, but got a 403 error.
If I could retrieve XML data I could use more than one existing API XML file and build them into a database that would connect the AP's IP to the rogue.

Sorry, that's more than one question.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Re: api xml questions

This article in our knowledgebase has information about authenticating to the AirWave APIs (and other web pages):

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