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show ap blacklist-clients

Is there a way in Airwave now to show all blacklist clients on all controllers similar to the cli command "show ap blacklist-clients" does on each controller?

We have six controllers and one AMP. It would be nice to get that information from one source.


If you have AWMS 6.2 or greater, there's a script called on_controllers that you can use. You give it a command (and optional email address to have the results mailed to) and the script runs that command on every controller and gives you the output.

So you could do:

# on_controllers "show ap blacklist-clients"


# on_controllers "show ap blacklist-clients"

and you'd see them all.
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Re: show ap blacklist-clients

There is currently no way in the GUI to see the list of blacklisted clients on all of your controllers. Our support team can assist with scripts that make it easy to run one command on all of your controllers, though.


There's a script built into the AMP, called on_controllers, that will ssh into all of your controllers and run cli commands, then print out the results. Also, it can optionally email the results out.

# on_controllers "show port link-event" ""

(Aruba3600-Master) #show ap blacklist-clients
Blacklisted Clients
STA reason block-time(sec) remaining time(sec)
--- ------ --------------- -------------------

I couldn't ssh into these controllers:
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Dan, did this script get dropped from v6.3?
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Re: show ap blacklist-clients

Yes, it seems that it isn't in the 6.3 beta right now. I'll make sure that it gets into the final release.

Ryan, I'll email the script to you and if anybody else who is on the 6.3 beta wants the on_controllers script, they can email me or

It's not in the beta


Thanks for pointing that out. It somehow didn't make it into the beta, but it will be in the 6.3 final release.

I've emailed you the script, and if anybody else who's running a 6.3 beta wants it, they can email me or and we'll get it to you.

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