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some snmp OIDs do not return nothing

When I use snmpwalk on this the response is
No such instance currently exists at this OID.

All the aruba AP branch:

number of down APs

I'm doing it like it says on the Using MIBs chapter on the arubaOS 3.4.2MG

Number of Down APs per Controller
globalAPState .
snmpwalk -v 2c -m ALL -c . | grep -c 'INTEGER: 2'

With other OIDs it is working correctly
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known issue

I am having the same issue, that nothing in the . branch is returning any values, while everything in the . branch is returning values. I have a 650 controller with

I opened a case with tech support, who said they can replicate it. Their response exactly was:

"I was able to replicate the issue internally


• SNMP Server : Ireasoning
• Controller : 800
• OS:

I will do further testing and will report the issue to the Engineering. If you have further queries please feel free to get back to us."

I'll post their answer when I get it.
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Re: some snmp OIDs do not return nothing


this OID is not implemented. You may have noticed there is less verbose description for this OID than for other OIDs.

Statement from support is:

'This particular OID is not there in the controller. We have also informed the development team regarding this.'

best regards,
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Re: some snmp OIDs do not return nothing

I think it's an error of the documentantion because on page 387 of
ArubaOS_3.4.2MG.pdf one can read
. as wlsxvoicecdrentry and this is readable on the controller.
The bad information is on the page 386 that says all this voice data is on OID:
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.2.3 OIDs eliminated after 3.x firmware

I finally got an answer back from Aruba tech support on the .2.3 OIDs:

Aruba Engineering said that they are no longer present in firmware after 3.x, so of course they cannot be queried.

The reason given was that querying AP's/AM's directly caused them to crash sometimes, so Aruba decided to eliminate the ability to directly make SNMP queries to AP's/AM's, and to eliminate the entire .2.3 MIB. Instead, only controllers can be SNMP queried after 3.x firmware. So, we can now only query the controller for .2.2 OIDs.

Here is their exact answer, "I have received an update from Engineering that the OIDs containing ( ) are AP MIBs and will only work on AP/AM. These MIBs do not work on the controller. It was not supported after 3.x Aruba OS." I then clarified this answer on a phone call with the tech support person.
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