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You Can’t Fix It If You Can’t See It - Wireless Protocol and Spectrum Analysis

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Understanding how to troubleshoot problems is a key component in the operation and reliability of any IEEE 802.11 wireless network. This presentation will help to educate attendees on troubleshooting wireless networks using protocol and spectrum analysis concepts and the tools used to perform these tasks. An overview of IEEE 802.11 frame types including management, control and data frames, the general IEEE 802.11 frame format and common wireless problems such as coverage, capacity, wireless transition (roaming) and hidden node issues will be discussed. Understanding that wireless LAN technology operates at Layer 1 (The Physical) and Layer 2 (The Data Link) layers of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is key to a successful troubleshooting session. The ability to “see” the information that traverses the air is very beneficial with the resolution of common wireless problems. Attendees will also get a demonstration of common 802.11 frame exchanges and troubleshooting scenarios. Those that attend this presentation will take away a knowledge of wireless network troubleshooting tools that are available to help with the task of providing an operational, reliable and well maintained wireless network." type="application/pdf" internalinstanceid="70">

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