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Subject column width is too short

 The current subject column is too short which makes it hard to read. It would be great if you could increase the column width for subject. so that it appears on a single line. 

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There have been some display changes and tweaks that will be implemented shortly which should be a fix to this.


Thank you for the post!




Hey Hardik,


We have made some various display changes within the Community. Do you have anymore feedback?




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The subject column width is still the same and it requires multiple lines to display the topic subject line. 

Please increase the subject column width. 


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Hi hthakker,


Another potential workaround is to change the global community font size setting to small. This will condense the topic list, and most thread titles should fit in one line of text.


To change your font setting:


1. Click on "My Settings" (upper right hand corner of the screen next to "help") 

2. Click on the "Preferences" tab

3. Click on the "Display" sub-tab

4. Under "Display Settings - Text size", select the "Small" radio button and click on the "Save" button towards bottom of the page.