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Visual RF Auto AP deployment

Part 1 (Initial Deployment and/or map with only a single region)

The idea is for Visual RF to utilizes ARM in populating a site based on 3 manually placed APs on a map.  Given that ARM can scan neighbor APs and based on the placement of 3 of the APs that you have already placed on the map, ARM could then calculate location of remaining APs with heat signature in a best effort initial deployment.


Part 2 (Map is properly configured with rooms(regions) and walls defined as Wood, Concrete or Open Space)

The Idea with this being that ARM can go a bit deeper.  Knowing the placement of 3 AP neighbors and what wall type is between them it can then intelligently based on the remaining APs and environment conditions build out even better initial placement utilizing power adjustment setting much like Seismic imaging to dynamically learn wall density based on common characteristics of power level changes and the propagation of RF signature through different obstructions.


If these features where in place it would make the initial setup of Part 2 that much more worth going into detail of different boundaries and wall or obstructions.


File I included is an example of deploying 3 APs you know eactly where they are and then you allow ARM based on the distance each AP is from its neighbor in relation to its heat signature this feature request would then estimate locations of other APs at that same site.