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email alert on new arubaos/meshos releases

Hi All,

maybe it just exsist and i miss it,


it's possible to have a mailing list that inform us when a new arubaos/meshos comes out with attached release notes?


lot's of time i know that there's a new release only when i've issue and i look for that, maybe have a ml can help to prevent issues and keep us update on new release feature.

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The AirWave software will notify you on the Home > Overview page if a new release is available (if your AMP has access to the Internet).


You can also subscribe to with your favorite RSS reader to get notified of new releases. 

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Thanks but i don't use Airwave and email is more direct than RSS (it's only my opinion)

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Agree with Andrea, email is simpler and would be welcome.
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Vote for this idea, give it a "Kudos"

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I have been asking for this for a while. Just a simple email list that says, "hey, new OS is out, here is the link to the software/release notes." It seems like such a simple thing to do...

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+1 for announcing the releases.