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Airheads ! Whats that ?

We live in a never-before-generation where data needs are increasing every click of the clock. Data explosion is very potential phenomena occurring in different levels every week.  Everything needs to be online and focuses available 24x7. Right from how much milk the cow gives to the performance of servers. The click of mouse gets harder making decisions today which is business and sustains human living.


 Are equipments future proof ? Are decisions systems in place ? Are mobile devices ready to handle traffic requirements ? Is there enough bits pumping capacity in products. ? Is there a better encoder. Its a vicious circle and does not take long to get lost.  I am curious how this Congress takes on the challenge of radically changing high data requirements against security. Not curious about products to be precise, but the human innovation which comes with the products. Everyone wants to be with the leaders in the technology and being part of the Airheads would enable thoughts in the company at par with latest in the field.




Should I be part of the sessions, well it could be business, that's for organizers to decide. Do I want to be part of the session  ? Yes I do. Gotto to keep some air above my head.



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Re: Airheads ! Whats that ?

Thank you for entering the contest Dany!

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