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Hello NICE! Here I Come! - Airheads Contest 2012

The world of networking has fascinated me since I  graduated from College. This is the very reason why I am now a network engineer[6 years]. I must admit that the networking field is a tough job after all and the learning curve is non-stop. All these years I have focused on the wired side of networking and to be honest, I have told myself not to consider deploying or learning the wireless side of it. I have to admit too that wireless is definitely here to stay. Like it or not, it will.


When I joined my current company, there were a few APs deployed already and it is hard to troubleshoot when you don't know exactly what to look for. Specially, with all these iPads and tablets becoming on demand. It's always frustating if you don't know what is right and what is not in terms of design. I'd ike to be prepared now and be ready for what is to come in this wireless networking world. and for this,  I'd like to re-model our existing setup by using the right tools and system and be able to provide solutions to our internal customers.


Attending such an event will not just allow me to learn about the Aruba setup, but the experience I will gain when interacting and learning first hand from the industry's expert on wireless solution.  Kindly allow me to be part of the solution for my company and be an ambassador for my country where the demand for wireless solution is rising.


I hope to see you soon, Nice.


Dip Panganiban,

Manila, PH.

Retired Employee

Re: Hello NICE! Here I Come! - Airheads Contest 2012

Thank you for entering the contest Dip.  We will be announcing the winner soon.




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