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Join the contest ^^

Hi Everyone,          My name and surname is Sudawadee Maninetr. Or you can call me "Ying". I'm from Thailand, a land of smile - this is a famous word and everyone knows, I think!!.        This is my first time to play the game when I receive an email. Why? Sure!! the biggest prize and this game is extended the period from March 26 to April 1 for get more people like me ^^ and i got email on March 27, 2012 @ 10:33 AM in Thailand time. More than that I'm happy, funny and wanna play the game. Thank you.        Personality and Clarity, For me, I think I'm a woman that look smart, trendy and younger than my age. hahaha. I will be an intelligent gal in the short time when i do the think i love like travel. For example, 3-4 days to do visa, reserve a air ticket, setup the plan, book a hotel, find a place to visit and how to go there. It make me exciting and i know after that I can do it and everyone that be with me have a great and funny time. And ask me to setup the plan and willing to go with me again.       Friendly and easy to talk with other people like we know each other before.. It's me.        At this time, I'm interested in make me more beauty by cosmetic and ask friend to enjoy a make up with me. I'm just know and can identify what the product is suit for me and what a good technique. Such as primer, foundation and brush and see the video clip from a youtube to pratice one a time before I go to bed. More than that I try to exercise everyday with my new machine (bicycle) where set in my house around 1 hour to fat burn, get to the limit of heart rate and log the workout through the Virtual traniner application on my iPhone. So i'll be a beauty and healthy from inner to outer ^^.   Wth love, Ying
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Re: Join the contest ^^

Thank you for entering the contest Ying!


Kind Regards,


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