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Sean Rynearson wants to go to France!!!!

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The past few years I have been employed by Aruba partners but now I am glad to say that I am a Customer. You might have seen me on twitter as @srynearson, on my blog, or on as Sr. Wireless Engineer for Kaiser Permanente. No matter where you have seen me, you know I like to talk about Aruba Networks. So that brings us to my first reason I should go to the Airheads Conference in France.


I am good publicity. I will share articles, news, pictures, and updates throughout the whole event. This way anyone that wanted but could not attend the conference, can follow and enjoy.


My next reason why I should go is that I am the only one I know that has had an Aruba Networks groom cake. It was suppose to be an AP125.



I have only been out of the country once. After my wedding, we set our honeymoon destination for a little Dutch island in the Caribbean called Aruba.  





The final reason why I should go is that I still have a few questions about Air Group and Clear Pass and hope they will be answered.





Sean Rynearson

Re: Sean Rynearson wants to go to France!!!!

(Not part of the submission)

Win or loose I will continue advancing my wireless career. I hope to soon pass the ACMX and then acquire CWNE status. You have not seen the last of me ;-) What Can I say... I am an Aruba fanboy.


I cut out a lot due to the 200 word maximum limit. Lol Maybe I should record a video that way I can say more in 3 min than in 200 words.

Sean Rynearson
Retired Employee

Re: Sean Rynearson wants to go to France!!!!

Thank you for entering the contest Sean!


Kind Regards,


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Re: Sean Rynearson wants to go to France!!!!

Sure Thing 

Sean Rynearson
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