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What will be the next step for us to go?

What will be the next step for us to go in the IT field? The answers are too many, but the trend is clear. We will be more conveniently served by IT product and technology.


Because we are the people who offer IT products and/or services to the end users, we must know what is underneath the current wave.


From main frame computer to personal computer, from server-client to server-browser, from fixed working table to mobile computing, from premise data center to cloud computing, etc. These developments will continue without an end.


As for network connection, we have gone through from LAN to WAN then to Internet, from analogy to digital, from wild connection to secured connection, from ultra red to Bluetooth, from line connection to WiFi, etc. Along this road, the next hot trend will be wireless connection with more powerful management ability and wide bandwidth, convenient, green.


In the line connected world, Cisco is a pop star; In the WiFi world, Aruba will dominant. You and me will see this.


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Re: What will be the next step for us to go?

Thank you for entering the contest Liwen!


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