Airheads EMEA Italy 2014 (June 9 - 13)

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Airheads EMEA Italy 2014

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Airheads Conference is created by engineers, for engineers. The event brings together leading mobile and Wi-Fi experts, technology innovators and industry analysts for a week of discussion, training and knowledge transfer. 

Airheads Conference provides an interactive forum where technical leaders from the most innovative companies across EMEA can share ideas and collaborate on next generation network access and mobility initiatives. Knowledge gained at Airheads helps participants to stay at the forefront of mobility, driving transformation across their organizations and throughout the market.

Take a look at the agenda and check out all of the reasons to attend Airheads Conference 2014!


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Mobility Fundamentals


  • Wi-Fi Behavior of Popular Mobile Devices: As we design our wireless LANs, we all need to be aware of how some of the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops operate over Wi-Fi. Their speeds, their roaming behavior, rate vs. range characteristics, CPU/application performance all matter. Join us in this session to discuss with your peers. 
Peter Thornycroft - Antar
Engineer, Aruba Networks. Peter Thornycroft is an engineer in the CTO’s office at Aruba Networks with interests in wireless technology, voice-over-WLAN, Wi-Fi location and e-FMC solutions. He has worked with a variety of wireless, carrier and voice technologies in technical and leadership positions at Cisco Systems, StrataCom, and Northern Telecom. He has experience with the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Wireless Broadband Alliance and the IEEE 802.11 working group. Mr Thornycroft holds an MA in electrical sciences from Cambridge University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University


  • Wireless LAN & 802.11ac Wi-Fi Fundamentals: Sometimes we all need to go back to basics and remind ourselves the essential details on Wi-Fi technology. Join us in this session to learn more about 802.11n/11ac standards, rate vs range, legacy and 11n/11ac co-existence and more.
Eric Johnson - Ejohnson
Product Manager, Aruba Networks Eric Johnson is one of Aruba’s radio subject matter experts. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Electromagnetics) from Carleton University. He has contributed solely and with teams on a total of 7 patents.His career now spans 26 years of defining, designing, building, and selling high performance radio and antenna solutions. He has contributed to and driven solutions for; space and terrestrial based remote sensing solutions; antenna designs from 30 MHz to 60 GHz; and at Nortel as architect on cellular radios, basestations, and antennas. Previous to joining Aruba Eric was an early member of BelAir Networks and after contributing to the initial product portfolio Eric led their international sales engineering team. Eric joined the Aruba team in 2011 as the PLM for outdoor radio solutions and most recently was the architect of the AP-270 outdoor 11ac Access Point solutions


  • Wireless LAN Security Fundamentals: Wi-Fi security is a top-of-mind issue for any wireless LAN deployment, independent of the industry. We all want to ensure proper end user and mobile device authentication. And we need to protect the data in transit with best possible Wi-Fi encryption. Join us to learn more.
Jon Green.jpeg
Jon Green - jgreen
Jon Green, CISSP, is Director of Product Development for Aruba Networks Government Solutions, which ensures that Aruba’s commercial solutions meet the security requirements of government customers worldwide. Jon joined Aruba Networks in 2003 and helped it grow from a small startup to today’s position as a leading provider of network mobility solutions. Prior to Aruba, Jon held technical, marketing, and sales positions with Foundry Networks, Atrica, Nortel Networks, and Bay Networks. Jon holds a BS in Information Security from Western Governor’s University and is currently pursuing a master’s program in Computer Science and Information Security at James Madison University. When not playing with technology, he enjoys flying airplanes, making wine, and cooking competition barbecue.


  • Access Management with Aruba ClearPass: Are you new to ClearPass? Join us for this session to understand how you can enable context based (user role, location, connectivity method, device type, etc) access control on multi-vendor wired & wireless networks with Aruba ClearPass. Before users and mobile devices are allowed access to the network, we need to authorize and authenticate users and devices, while ensuring there's ongoing monitoring and administrative controls. ClearPass can help, come and learn how!
Thomas Bastian - tbastian
Thomas Bastian, Distinguished Engineer, Aruba Customer Engineering EMEA


  • Network Management with Aruba Airwave: AirWave lets IT manage the application and device experience on several generations of multi-vendor networks. Join us in this session to learn more about how you can use AirWave to improve RF troubleshooting, inventory management, custom network management alerts and reports, wireless security compliance, real-time RF visualization and location tracking for your wireless LAN.
Sujatha Mandava - Sujatha
Sujatha Mandava is the Director of Product Development for Aruba Networks. Sujatha has been working at Aruba since 2008 as a product manager. The products she has managed include AirWave (the network management product) and outdoor mesh software. Prior to Aruba and AirWave, Sujatha has held several engineering positions at Motorola and other small companies.


  • Remote & Branch Networking Fundamentals: Your mobile workers need simple, anytime-access to corporate resources to get the job done – even if they’re in branch offices, home offices, or on the road. Join us in this session to discuss how you can enable zero-touch deployment for wired / wireless, secure remote access for employees & guests and enable seamless inventory management across 1000s of locations.
Gokul Rajagopalan - gokulr
Gokul manages Aruba's "Instant" controller-less WiFi product line. In his 7 years at Aruba so far, Gokul has made noteworthy contributions in the introduction of Aruba's 802.11n portfolio, the development of Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and various multimedia-over-WLAN initiatives. Prior joining Aruba, Gokul interned on the R&D teams at Alcatel SA in France and Siemens AG in India on topics ranging from voice codecs to railway engine power supplies. Gokul holds a B.Engg. in electronics engineering, an MS in telecommunications and an MBA.


Mobility Design & Implementation


  • Advanced RF Design & Troubleshooting: Neighbor Wi-Fi networks, RF noise sources, misbehaving clients, indoor and outdoor coverage patterns can all impact mobile device performance on wireless networks. Join us in this session to discuss how you can design for RF coverage and capacity in challenging environments, proactively monitor your wireless LAN and put together a process for troubleshooting those toughest connectivity issues.
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Blake Krone - blakekrone
Founder, No Strings Attached Show. Blake is a Wireless Network Engineer with experience designing and deploying enterprise class networks supporting hundreds of APs and multiple controllers for Voice, Data, and RTLS. Particularly interested in integrating Wireless technologies and Location Aware systems to provide enhanced experiences. Certifications including CCIE-W and CWNA


  • Best Practices on Migrating to 802.11ac Wi-Fi: Moving towards a new Wi-Fi technology does not have to be too much of an undertaking. Of course, that's assuming great deal of planning and attention to detail in terms of defining the clear steps on how to get there. In this session we will discuss 802.11ac placement, Wi-Fi coverage and capacity planning for 802.11ac devices and how to take advantage of 802.11ac transmit beamforming.
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Peter Lane - Plane
Senior Product Manager, Aruba Networks
Peter Lane has product management responsibility for ArubaOS. Prior to this role, Peter was the product and engineering manager for VisualRF, RAPIDS, Spectrum, ARM and RFprotect, Aruba’s Wireless Intrusion Prevention System. Peter previously held positions in software and customer engineering with AirWave Wireless, which merged with Aruba in 2008.


  • Advanced Access Management with Aruba ClearPass: Learn about advanced access control on the network - In this session you will be able to gather practical knowledge on how to use Clearpass features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), NAC, BYOD and more. Let's get together to walk through the Aruba ClearPass product in real-time to better understand all the configuration, monitoring and reporting options available. 
Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.02.25 AM.png
Cameron Esdaile - -cam-
As part of the Aruba Network Services Product Management team, Cameron's current focus is on the growing challenge faced by many organizations around the management of BYO devices. Building on the core platform of Aruba's ClearPass Policy Manager, Cameron is driving product innovations to help customers solve issues associated with employee owned devices being used to access corporate networks, applications and valuable corporate data. Cameron joined Aruba as one of the Founders of Amigopod in December 2010 when their guest access management platform was acquired to round out the Aruba portfolio for managing visitor access to both enterprise networks and public access venues. Cameron has extensive experience in the integration of AAA solutions into multi-vendor networks from his background with Amigopod and previous history in the network industry as a whole. Cameron has worked for Cabletron, Cisco, AirMagnet, Dimension Data, KPMG Consulting / Bearingpoint across his 18+ years in the networking industry.


  • WLAN Design for Mobile Apps: Enabling multimedia services on wireless networks is a great idea nowadays, especially given the user demand. But it takes more access points to install, proactive planning for application level performance requirements and multimedia aware RF management functions. Join us to learn about multimedia application behavior and how you can get your wireless network ready.
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.16.22 PM.png
Bala Krishnamurthy - bala
Manager, Solutions Engineering, Aruba Networks
As the head of campus TME at Aruba. Bala leads a team that handles solutions design, proof-of-concept demos, product/feature analysis, competitive research with a focus in large campus networks. Bala has been with Aruba for about four years now, prior to which he served as a Technology Analyst at the Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT) at Syracuse, NY. Balajee received his M.S. in Telecommunications & Network Management from Syracuse University and his B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SASTRA University in India. In his spare time, he takes his car/motorcycle for a ride with an unknown destination and hits the basketball courts once in a while.


  • Advanced Aruba Airwave Workshop: Practice makes perfect - let's get together to walk through the Aruba AirWave product in real-time to better understand all the configuration, monitoring and reporting options available. In this session you will be able to gather practical knowledge on how to use AirWave features such as custom reporting, trigger based alerts, troubleshooting and proactive planning with RF performance & capacity dashboards, real-time views on the VisualRF dashboard and more.
Dan Comfort - dancomfort
Dan Comfort has over 15 years' experience in wireless and mobile management, in sales, support and marketing. He started with AirWave Wireless in 2004 and has been with Aruba since it acquired AirWave in 2008.


  • Advanced Aruba Mobility Access Switch Workshop: Practice makes perfect - let's get together to walk through the Aruba Mobility Access Switches product in real-time to better understand all the configuration, monitoring and reporting options available. In this session you will be able to gather practical knowledge on how to use Mobility Access Switch features such as tunneling traffic to a Mobility Controller, enabling IP routing, zero-touch activation, role based authentication and more.
Madani Adjali - madjali
Madani is a Mobility Access Switch product line specialist. He joined Aruba Networks in 2012 after stints at AdTran and Juniper Networks in both pre and post sales roles supporting both enterprise and carrier customers. He is active in the development of the Mobility Access Switch product line, helps support the existing customer base as well as engages in new sales opportunities as Aruba continues to evolve the product line. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Vanderbilt University and lives in his hometown of NYC with his wife and dog.


  • Aruba Instant Workshop: Needing to brush up with Instant or are you new to the product? This session will be a walk through of our Instant product line. Learn configuration basics as well as tips to improve your current configurations. We will also be showing off some of the new features introduced.
Neil Kulkarni - Neil
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Aruba Networks with primary focus on core WLAN competitive analysis. Also involved in distributed enterprise solution engineering and proof of concepts. Prior to Aruba, worked at Hughes Network Systems as a Network Engineer. Graduated with MS in Telecommunications from University of Maryland and BS in Electronics Engineering from University of Mumbai.


Mobility Services & Applications


  • Make Your Own Meridian Mobile App Workshop: Once guests and employees connect to your wireless network, you can increase engagement with them using mobile engagement. It all starts with building a mobile app, running push notification campaigns, publishing attractive location specific content. Thankfully Aruba's Meridian platform is able to deliver on all these three areas. Join the session to walk through the process of creating your mobile app step-by-step.
Nick Newton - nicknewton
Director Sales Operations, Aruba Networks
Bio coming soon!


  • Deploying Microsoft Lync over Wi-Fi: Join us at this session to hear from Progress on how they migrated their workforce to Microsoft Lync to enable mobile collaboration. We will discuss lessons learned, technical challenges to watch out for and step-by-step process on how to satisfy the needs of the end users while keeping tabs on their most pressing questions.
John Turner - turner
Global Solutions Architect & General Manager for Lync, Aruba Networks
John has 18 years experience in deploying and designing enterprise class networks. His current role in Aruba Networks as Solutions Architect & General Manager for Lync, focuses on the design and delivery of networks to enable unified communications such as Microsoft Lync on an enterprise scale. Working with Product Management, Technical Marketing and Business development John’s responsibility is to ensure Aruba delivers the best possible UC solution to our customers. Prior to Aruba John served as Director for Networks & Systems at Brandeis University and on the board of directors for the Cisco user group CIPTUG. When not working John enjoys spending outdoor time with his wife and 3 girls, skiing, sailing and occasional game of polo.


  • Self-Registration, Policy & Branding for Guest Access: How many times you have had trouble logging onto a guest Wi-Fi network? The answer for many us is "way too many". Well, we all know that we need a well designed wireless network to enable seamless roaming and great RF coverage. But besides that, we need to enable ease of use, better user experience and audit control for security compliance for guest Wi-Fi access. Join us in this session to learn how to enable self-registration, advertising, smartphone optimized custom branding and more on your guest Wi-Fi web portal.
Carlos Gomez Gallego - carlos
Director of Product Management, Aruba Networks
Carlos Gomez Gallego has over 15 years’ experience in the wireless and security industry and currently serves as Director of Product Management for Aruba Networks in Sunnyvale, California. Carlos was the co-founder of Amigopod, an Australian based provider of enterprise guest-access software that was an early pioneer in BYOD solutions and was acquired by Aruba Networks in December 2010. Carlos holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia.
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