Airheads EMEA Italy 2014 (June 9 - 13)

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Breakout - Advanced Aruba Airwave Workshop

  • Advanced Aruba Airwave Workshop: Practice makes perfect - let's get together to walk through the Aruba AirWave product in real-time to better understand all the configuration, monitoring and reporting options available. In this session you will be able to gather practical knowledge on how to use AirWave features such as custom reporting, trigger based alerts, troubleshooting and proactive planning with RF performance & capacity dashboards, real-time views on the VisualRF dashboard and more.
Dan Comfort - dancomfort
Dan Comfort has over 15 years' experience in wireless and mobile management, in sales, support and marketing. He started with AirWave Wireless in 2004 and has been with Aruba since it acquired AirWave in 2008.



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Sean Rynearson
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