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Guidance: Pfsense, linking 2530-48G x2 and VLANS

Hi everyone:


After reviewing this post: "Help me configure my first VLAN? Using PfSense router." submitted back in June


I have a few questions and looking for specifics links (and possible guidance) to help me learn the product.and complete the setup. It is highly likely this question has been asked and answered, so maybe previous links would help. 


Similar to the post above, I have a pfsense router (pfsr1) and two aruba 2530-48G switches (a2530a) and (a2530b). The switches will be located in separate rooms.


The goal is:

+Setup Pfsense (pfsr1) to pass VLANS to the first switch (a2530a).

+Link the two Aruba switches together (a2530a) and (a2530b) - will be using two ports for redundancy. 

+Pass VLANS between the switches (a2530a) and (a2530b)



I read somewhere I will need to prevent "loops" this should be considered.




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