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The Airheads Volunteer Corps is an opt-in only registry of skilled network engineers interested in doing what they can to assist our medical community with their networking needs. In creating this registry, Aruba aims to connect those in need of IT skills, with those who have the ability to help. Joining the Airheads Volunteer Corps is simple and without obligation. The Airhead will always have the final decision on how best they can respond to the needs in their local community.


To sign up, you only need to complete the registration form. This form will ask basic details such as your contact information, location, level of technical expertise and Aruba certifications achieved. The Aruba account teams will in turn be working closely with healthcare facilities around the world to support their needs. When an account team receives a request for help, that team will search the registry for Airheads with the appropriate skills and proximity to the medical facility in question. Once the introduction is made, Aruba allows for the organization in need to work directly with the Airhead Volunteer to best determine the level of support they can provide.

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