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Airheads Volunteer Corps - Mission Control

A support hub for the members of the Airheads Volunteer Corps who are supporting the healthcare network expansion.

Airheads Volunteer Corps - Support Request

A look at the current volunteer support needed globally to aid healthcare network expansion projects.

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Wireless Access

Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.

Controllerless Networks

Aruba Instant Wi-Fi: Meet the controllerless Wi-Fi solution that?s easy to set-up, is loaded with security and smarts, and won?t break your budget.

Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

Bring performance and reliability to your network with the Aruba Core, Aggregation, and Access layer switches. Discuss the latest features and functionality of the ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX devices, and find ways to improve security across your network to bring together a mobile first solution.


Enterprise security using ClearPass Policy Management, ClearPass Security Exchange, IntroSpect, VIA, 360 Security Exchange, Extensions and Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF).

Network Management

Keep an informative eye on your network with IMC and Airwave network management solutions.

Cloud Managed Networks

Forum to discuss all things Aruba Central and UXI Network Management, this includes Aruba Central managed networks, Central configuration , best practices, Central APIs, Cloud Guest, Presence Analytics and Other Central Applications

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Forum to discuss Aruba SD-WAN (or SD-Branch, as we prefer to call it). This includes SD-WAN Orchestration & Routiing, Gateway capabilities and management, Micro-Branch solutions, Best practices, Third Party Integrations, Full-Stack Branch management… Anything SD-Branch!

Location Services

Location-based mobile app development and Bluetooth-based asset tracking with Meridian. Gathering analytics and business intelligence from Wi-Fi with Analytics and Location Engine (ALE).?

Aruba Apps

Aruba Apps board is design for questions, comments, and feature requests for all of Aruba Networks' mobile Apps.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Keep up with demands from cloud, security, mobility and big data with Hewlett Packard Enterprise software defined networking (SDN) solutions. Give BYOD users access while securing your network at the edge?cost-effectively.

Data Center

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise cloud-first data center architecture offers simplified, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, storage and cloud services through an open SDN fabric.

Developer Community

APIs provide easier communication between multiple software components. Main advantage APIs provide to developers is to make it simpler to use different technologies by abstracting complexity. Within the developer's community, APIs are standard and accepted technology. Aruba networks provide APIs in ClearPass, AirWave, Central, Meridian, controllers and switches. This provides an abstraction layer for mobile first administrators.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Forum to discuss using Aruba APs, switches, and the Edge Service Platform (unified infrastructure, zero trust security, and AIOps) for any type of IoT or IIoT application. Included are IoT technology partners (e.g., EnOcean, Microsoft, and Zebra) and IIoT technology partners (e.g., ABB and Siemens).

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Training, Certification & Career

Get more information about Aruba's technical training and certification programs. Network with your colleagues to improve your career and post job availability for network engineers within your organization.

Community Feedback

Questions and feedback related to the Airheads Community.

Wireless Water Cooler

Hang out and socialize with other community members in this off topic forum. Everything from industry trends to hobbies and interests are welcomed!

Networking Jobs

Are you seeking a Networking Engineering job? Do you have a Networking Engineering job opening? If so, use this section to post your resume or to post your job openings.

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Primary (K-12) Education

Got WLAN and security questions for schools or want to know more about E-rate? Submit them here!

Higher Education

Got questions on how to enable mobility in education? Submit them here!

Government and Military

Deploying Aruba wireless LAN environments with high level of security requirements.

Education ? Australia / New Zealand

A local community of Aruba education customers across Australia/NZ. This group will be moderated by Aruba staff and kept up to date with any upcoming training or events that are relevant to the EDU space.


Got questions on how to implement one integrated networking solution for healthcare? Join our Airheads to learn how to boost your hospital?s health by integrating Wi-Fi, role-based access control, and mobile apps into one seamless solution.

Large Public Venues

Got questions on how to implement networking solutions in order to create a crowd-pleasing public venue that captivates your guests? Join our Airheads to learn how the right solution setup to keep guests engaged during their visit.


Travelers now enter hotels with multiple devices and hospitality venues must give them a stellar Wi-Fi experience and self-service tools to enhance their stay. Join our Airheads to tackle hospitality WLAN and security questions!


Location-aware mobile apps help customers quickly find the merchandise they're looking for ? and discover new products and services along. Join our Airheads to tackle retail mobile, WLAN and security questions!






Foro en Español

Productos de Aruba, Control de Acceso, Comunidad Airheads.

Forum Français

Bienvenue sur le forum communautaire français d'Airheads.

Norsk Forum

Velkommen til Norsk forum for Airheads Community.

Deutschsprachiges Forum

Willkommen im deutschsprachigen Airheads Community Forum.

Forum Indonesia

Selamat Datang di Group Aruba Airheads Indonesia. Silakan menggunakan Forum ini untuk berinteraksi, bertukar pikiran dan ide dengan sesama pengguna. Selamat Menggunakan Fasilitas Ini.

Polska Forum

Grupa zrzeszająca ekspertów rozwiązań Aruba, dająca możliwość kontaktu i szukania rozwiązań u najlepszych specjalistów rozwiązań Aruba w Polsce.

Fórum Portugues

Bem-vindo ao Fórum Português para a Comunidade de Airheads.

CZ & SK Forum

Vítejte na Aruba Airheads komunitním fóru - platformě, která nabízí možnost kontaktu a nalezení řešení spolu s těmi nejlepšími specialisty v Arubě. Pojďme propojit síly a vzájemně si poradit.

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Airheads Channel Group - UK and Ireland

This is a technical group for System Engineers for UK & Ireland partners, allowing the sharing and exchange of information about the products and solutions of Aruba.

Airheads Channel Group (German speaking)

Deutschsprachige Gruppe rund um Informationen und den Austausch zu den Produkten und Lösungen von Aruba für Systems Engineers von Partnern.

Airheads Channel Group - France

Forum d’échange avec les partenaires francophones sur les solutions Aruba

Airheads Channel Groep – Nederland

Nederlandse groep voor het delen van informatie met de partner (post- en pre-sales) system engineers.

Airheads Channel Group - Italy

Gruppo Airheads locale con contenuti in Italiano sulle ultime novità Aruba.

Airheads Channel Group - Taiwan

Private Discussion group for Aruba Partners in Taiwan.

Airheads Channel Group - South East Asia & Taiwan

Official APU platform for invited partners in South East Asia and Taiwan. *Strictly by invitation only*

Airheads Channel Group - Malaysia

This is a technical group for System Engineers for Malaysia partners, allowing the sharing and exchange of information about the products and solutions of Aruba.

Airheads Channel Group South Africa

South Africa Description:  This is a technical group for System Engineers for South Africa partners, allowing the sharing and exchange of information about the products and solutions of Aruba.

Airheads Channel Group Bechtle

The closed community of Bechtle SE’s and technical sales for the different German Systemhaeuser.

Airheads Channel Group - Denmark

Den tekniske gruppe af Aruba løsningens eksperter, der giver mulighed for at kontakte og søge løsninger fra de bedste løsningens-specialister i Danmark.

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