Americas Airheads Conference 2014

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Breakout – Real-world 802.1X Deployment Challenges




Real-world 802.1X Deployment Challenges: Join us at this session to hear about the challenges you might face as you try to support a large group of mobile users and devices for 802.1X authentication. While username & password authentication (eg. 802.1X PEAP) is easily deployed, requiring each device to authenticate with its own unique credential (eg. certificate-based 802.1X EAP-TLS) is a much secure implementation. Join us as we discuss ways to identify the most appropriate 802.1X authentication mechanisms for variety of environments and user profiles.


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Sean Rynearson
Smart Spaces TME
Phone: 706.972.1520
Twitter: @srynearson
Airheads: @srynearson
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