Americas Airheads Conference 2014

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Game - Wireless CTF


Great Job man! Picture of the myself with the winner @Special K




Location: Brera 1, Level 3


Demonstrate your hacking knowledge and capabilities. Behind the wireless networks that you broke into there is a network of wired components. Just like real life situations, you will encounter crypto, password re-use, password hijacking, cracking, and other typical wired targets.


Offense can be just as important as defense. All systems will be on the same network. Your only access is 802.11.

There will be clues everywhere, and we will provide periodic updates so make sure you pay attention to what's happening at the WCTF desk. If you have a question - ASK, and we will determine if we will answer.


Contest Time: Wednesday 3/12/2014 8:00am PST and ends Friday 3/14/2014 at 2:00pm PST

Contest Location: Brera 1, Level 3


Flags will range from the passphrase/password used to gain access to wireless access points to files located on servers. In both stages, capturing and submitting these flags to the scoring server results in you being awarded points. Each flag has its own unique number of points available. Be the first to capture all the flags to win prizes.

  • 1st place wins 50 Amazon Card
  • 2nd place wins 25 Amazon Card
  • 3rd place wins 25 Amazon Card.

Please visit for more info.

Sean Rynearson
Regular Contributor I

Re: Game - Wireless CTF

Is this a spectator sport? I wouldn't mind watching this unfold. (I couldn't hack my way out of a paper sack)


Re: Game - Wireless CTF

lol. If you want you can. I will be there from time to time to check it out.
Sean Rynearson
Guest Blogger

Re: Game - Wireless CTF

100% a spectator sport.  You will probably learn a lot just by watching.  Although the first few challenges are a great way to get your feet wet.  So you should come and give it a shot!

Occasional Contributor I

Re: Game - Wireless CTF

That was a great breakout/challenge. Gotta salute Aruba tackling security and the role it plays in Wireless Deployment.

Was glad to participate and looking forward to next time in 2015! 

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