Americas Airheads Conference 2014

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Tech Field Day Roundtable

Tech Field Day Roundtable: We are excited to welcome folks from TechFieldDay ( to join us at another Airheads conference. Join the discussion as they debate the most pressing issues for mobility engineers in access networking today. They will offer tips on wide range of topics from RF design and troubleshooting to improving RoI for mobile applications and services. 



This presentation date is March 13, 2014 at 13:45-15:15 Pacific time (GMT-8).


Can We Go 100% Wireless? Tech Field Day Roundtable at Aruba Airheads 2014


What are the implications of a 100% wireless network? What do we need to change in our design methodology when we know there is no hard-wire backup. What does this mean for cabling? How should we be addressing those needs?



How Do New WiFi Services Impact Privacy? Tech Field Day Roundtable at Aruba Airheads 2014


What are the privacy impacts of all the data being collected by the new services that Aruba showed off at the keynote? How long will it persist? iBeacons grant retailers the ultimate opportunity: Knowing where I am in the store. What happens if that gets used for some nefarious purpose?



What is the Future for Wireless MSPs? Tech Field Day Roundtable at Aruba Airheads 2014


What is the future for the wireless managed service provider? Many companies are making the drive to be the turn-key provider for every service a customer could need. What are the challenges for providing value as an MSP to specific customer sizes?




Chris Lyttle


Chris Lyttle has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and is a Managing Principal Consultant who specializes in mobile and wireless security.

Craig Schnarrs


Craig Schnarrs, is senior wireless network operations engineer and WiFi blogger

Keith R. Parsons


Keith Parsons is Managing Director of the Institute for Network Professionals.

Sam Clements


Sam Clements is an avid wireless technologist with a passion for all things mobility.

Tom Hollingsworth


Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213, is a Senior Solutions Architect for a small VAR focusing primarily on K-12 education.





Please comment on what you think about the session and anything specific you would like us to cover.


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Sean Rynearson
New Contributor

Re: Tech Field Day Roundtable

We Tech Field Day folks are really excited to be part of Aruba's great Airheads Conference once again! Thank you for having us!


We've got time carved out in the schedule and are putting together a group of delegates to be on this roundtable discussion. You can check out the page on the Tech Field Day site for info as we add delegates to the list!


We welcome suggestions for topics of discussion.


Also, you might want to check out the past years roundtables (which featured Sean on the panel!):


Re: Tech Field Day Roundtable

I will be at this breakout Thursday @ 1:45 Anyone Joining me? 

Sean Rynearson
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