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Airheads Local - San Diego

Here is info for the San Diego event as well.


Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012
Time: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location: University of San Diego Hahn University Center, Meeting Room 128, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA


Registration link


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Re: Airheads Local - San Diego

About to kick off San Diego Airheads Local tech talk after a quick intro on Airheads Community and a Good Move Bad Move video :-)


On the agenda: 

- Unified wired/wireless

- Guest access

- Branch office WLANs


We have a full house!



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Re: Airheads Local - San Diego

Got a chance to take a look at our network demo setup before the event... here is what the branch-in-a-box looks like: 3G WAN uplink, PoE, routing, firewall, site to site VPN, DHCP server, RADIUS server, WLAN management inside a 620 mobility controller. 



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Re: Airheads Local - San Diego

Alright, started getting some good questions from the crowd... 


How do you unify wired and wireless policies in a multi-vendor environment?

Aruba controllers in the data center can enforce policies on a per VLAN basis even if it is not the authenticator for the end users. So non-Aruba wired and wireless access layer can be assigned VLAN based policies if the Aruba mobility controller is in the datapath. 


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Re: Airheads Local - San Diego

Few more from the crowd...


How do you ensure content filtering for guest / employee mobile devices at remote sites?

It is highly recommended to utilize device aware cloud-based content filtering service for internet based traffic. No need to deploy IPS boxes, blades, software at each remote location... which will require you to update with latest signatures and software almost every month to stay "secure". Policy based forwarding based on type of device and user traffic would be the ideal approach. For corporate traffic, centralized IPS services are ideal. 


What are the best way to take control of Wireless IDS events?

Use wizards for ease of use - low/medium/strict level of security but review your options first. Use alerts for immediate awareness - SMS or email from your NMS. Use weekly reports on past IDS events - to have a record to satisfy regulatory requirements when/if asked. 

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Re: Airheads Local - San Diego

That's one good looking UI :)




We are closing down the presentation but during the "firing line" we have received some good questions... I will be writing more about each shortly after the event. 


- Aruba licensing - now & future

- BYOD initiatives in retail, healthcare, education

- Wi-Fi performance and reliability in high density

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