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AmigoPod and Good for ent.

If I am using Good for Enterprise to provision my iPads for corporate e-mail. do I need AmigoPod?
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Re: AmigoPod and Good for ent.

I don't know a great deal about Good for Enterprise but the Amigopod is not just for iOS device provisioning. Amigopod is a fully fledged guest management system with built-in custom advertising based on a guest users demographic.. plus lots more.

How to you securely connect it to your corporate network?

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Re: AmigoPod and Good for ent.

It depends what capabilities you want out of your iPads. Good for Enterprise will provide full email and calendar capabilities for the iPad. In addition the Good Secure Browser will allow full browsing capabilities to internal websites without VPN or the iPad being on the internal network.

However, that's it. If you want more that that, you'll need to put the iPads on the network, and if they are personal iPads, Amigopod provides a great solution to do that. If they are corporate owned and managed iPads that you can just put on your internal wifi network, I don't think Amigopod will do much for you.
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