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Email Address validation

I set up a new guest provisioning form. In the form I have the "email" field and I created a duplicate field called "email_verify" that I want to have on the form as a way to have the operator re-type the email address for verfication purposes. (I have other reasons to keep it this way to)

Wondering if there is a way to validate the text (email address) entered in the email field with the text entered in the email_verified field???

Also does anyone know of a way to reject certain email addresses like or for example? I know its possible just don't know how.
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Re: Email Address validation

Not sure about the validation check, but as far as the domains, we may be doing something similar to what you're looking for. We have our sponsor_email field setup with a default value, for example Then we set the Validator field to "IsIdentical."

This may be too restrictive for you, but we only want people putting their corporate email address in the sponsor email, "" for example, and not external domains. We don't validate the email, but that's where the credentials get sent, so if it's not a valid email they won't get credentials.
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Sponsor Email address

Thanks or the reply. I am trying to prevent our employees from creating accounts for themselves using This way a company laptop does not end up on the guest networkwhich has access to webmail. If they use a a different emal address like hotmail a GPO will prevent the laptop from getting on the guest SSID.

For your method I also force the sponsor email address into the form but I do it differently. I authenticate operators to AD with LDAP. Under LDAP translation rules I have a rule that looks in AD for the sponsors/operators email address and sets it automatically in the form. I also have the sponsor and email address hidden in the form so they don't know its even there but I see it in the reports.

Heres a screenshot.
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Re: Email Address validation

Also for my original post TAC helped me resolve how to have an email address and an email verify field in the form and have them validate that the verify field matches the email field.

Here is a screenshoot.
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