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MDAC provisioning on IOS devices AOS & Amigopod 3.3 - Have Guest Portal and auth working perfectly,

Attempting to perform Mobile Device registration, built CA, have page load correctly to install "Root CA" on IOS device, click install on IOS device to load CA certificate, then IOS device will not associate with ANY WLANs until I remove the profile and reset network settings.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Issue Resolved - Some additional MDAC magic information

Hi folks,

I got this working today with the assistance of some of my "amazing" local support team. Without a set of proper MDAC docs or a working configuration to dissect, I was struggling to say the least.

Here are my lessons learned.

- CA Cert must be built on Amigopod,

- If intending to do TLS/EAP Termination on "MDAC" device ESSID, you'l want to generate a CSR from the controller, and upload the CSR and generate the CERT on the Amigopod.

- Install the CA Cert as well as the controller CERT on the controller, then modify your dot1x auth profile (advanced tab) to utilize the correct CA and server cert.

- I had attempted to have the "Amigpod" as the dot1x server in the AAA profile, and had mistakenly forgot that the "username" auth would still go to our IAS/NPS resources.

Once I had those few items under my belt, the rest of the MDPS / MDAC works perfectly. Thanks to all for their help...