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ALE Demonstrator open Beta v31

There are many changes in this version, release notes below.

It works better with ALE

To get the Beta code, go to


Bug reports and suggestions to please.



Release notes (changes since v23)

16-03-24 Built v31

!- Fixed a bug where single-reading targets were not displayed

!- Show whether targets are associated or unassociated by colour

!- Compiled latest protobuf schema

!- Increased position history list from 20 to 30 entries

!- Indicate when ZMQ is running with single-device filter vs all devices


!- Settings button on navigation bar

!- URL-encoded credentials for percent sign


!- Display MAC on button when select target by touch


!- Display MAC on message list when touching red square


!- Reducing the floorplan image compression. Image size now 2048x2048 (from 1024x1024 earlier)



!- Settings option “touch red square for details” to enable touch.  (Disabled by default)


!- removed all sensor code

!- removed all Bluetooth code and permissions

!- removed fingerprint map code

!- fixed bug when entering target mac, checking was wrong


!- added error circle for my MAC and target MAC


!- added a circle to show uncertainty when tracking a single target


!- moved to Android Studio

!- change default port from 8443 to 443

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