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ARUBA Utility APP Tablet

Which Android Tablet would you recommend to buy to run the Aruba app?


Thank you


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Re: ARUBA Utility APP Tablet

Galaxy Tab S 8.4

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Re: ARUBA Utility APP Tablet

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is no longer available, any recommendations for a alternative?

S2 would be alternative? But any more budget friendly tablets out there that would do the job?


Re: ARUBA Utility APP Tablet

Hello Peter,

The app should run on any currently-sold tablet, and many older ones.  I


But when shopping, I'd bear a few points in mind:

* It _can_ get quite real-time/CPU sensitive.  In my experience, the most stressful scenario is when it's capturing many APs in a scan... There are some large data structures that have to be updated every 2 seconds, and I don't try too hard to optimize.  Any of today's tablets from a mfr like Samsung should be fine.

* Some budget tablets are behind on the OS rev.  I'd look for Android 5.1 or later, just for general good practice.

* If you're using it to look at scans etc, it's useful if it can cover all the DFS channels.  Samsung's pretty good here.  (Google is still catching up with Nexus line.)  Otherwise you will be blind to some channels.

* If you are on a budget, or like me you just don't like spending money, obviously a smaller screen size and less flash will save.  The app has two layouts, one for tablets (anything over 7 inch screen) and the other for phones.  The larger format just gives you a bit more on the screen, but that's important for some.

* If you want to go iBeacon-hunting, BLE is important but all currently-sold tablets should have it.

* Similarly, I don't need to suggest looking only at dual-band Wi-Fi?  For a while there were some very-low-end tablets that didn't support 5 GHz.


From what I hear, Samsung is a popular choice and no one has complained recently about issues running the app on it.  But I do need to add that I don't have a recent Galaxy Tab so I can't give a first-hand report.


Peter T


For interest, here are the most popular devices for the app as of today:  Nexus and Samsung are popular.

device leader board 20160328.PNG




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