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Aruba Utilities (Android) v107 for open beta trials

version 107 is now available for Beta.  Anyone can download this version.  Go to this url:


Any and all feedback appreciated, reply here or


Release notes:  these changes are important to make the app function, but will not be visible to most users.


16-03-21 Android Built v107

!- change X.509TrustManager to validate TLS certs (but not hostname checks)

!- Removed dependency on Bluetooth hardware (started inadvertently in v89)

!- discover MAC with “show user-table ip <client ip>”, add to start-list

!- discover MAC with mDNS “clearpass” service type

!- Remember if we ever discover own MAC, save to prefs

!- Add photo album to AirWave floorplan options

!- Fix site survey function (inadvertently disabled in v99)

!- Bring AU ALE Demonstrator tab up to the level of ALE Demonstrator app


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