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Aruba Utilities (Android) v111 for open beta trials


 Join the Beta group here:

24Apr16 handover tab 40MHz channels.png


Several significant changes:

  • Channel widths (see picture). This is most exciting.  Android 6.0 reports on 40+ MHz channels.  On the “Monitor” tab you will see a thick line (and the reported channel) for the control channel, and a thin line for the actual wide channel(s).  I found a bug in 6.0.1 (seems to be fixed in Android “N”) where their center-frequency was wrong on the 40 MHz channel.  I work-around that but I haven’t been able to check the 80 MHz channel yet.  Another reason to get HP to upgrade your tablet to get Android 6.0+…


  • MAC address. As of Android 6.0, an app only sees “02:00:00:00:00:00” as the device’s address.  This obviously makes some app functions fail.  I have added 3 methods to discover the MAC, two automatic and one manual as a fall-back.
    • mDNS (works with AirGroup if Clearpass is configured on the network)
    • Controller (works if controller access is configured)
    • App Settings (go to device Settings, cut-paste the Wi-Fi MAC). If a good MAC is already showing, you are good to go.


  • As of Android 6.0, the app needs to ask for permissions individually (this is for functions like “location”, “read accounts”…).  For those who installed the app before 6.0 it’s grandfathered, but if you install a fresh version you will need to say “yes” to a number of questions.  Please let me know if you think I should include an explanation for each permission, i.e. what function depends on it.  It can be done but it adds complexity.
  • Supplicant log. The “show Wi-Fi Events” button now gives more information, and it’s all logged.  This reports what Android thinks is going on with the Wi-Fi interface.  Use this function to diagnose client problems remotely (get someone to run the app, then email the logs).


I’ve given it a good QA, but there are some significant changes here, so I may have missed something.  Bug reports appreciated.



16-04-24 Android

Build v111

!- new Setting to explicitly enter the device MAC address

!- support for different channel widths (Android 6.0+)

!- explicit permissions requests

!- more detailed Wi-Fi supplicant log


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Re: Aruba Utilities (Android) v111 for open beta trials

is there a way to download the apk ? i want to install this on a Kindle Fire HD but the amazon app store does not have the Aruba Utilities. 


Re: Aruba Utilities (Android) v111 for open beta trials

Shoot me an email to and I'll send you the apk.

Peter T

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