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Aruba Utilities User Guide 2.7

Rls 2.7 was published 28 September 2012.


Aruba Utilities 2.7 is the second Google Play release.  It requires Android 2.2+, tested to Android 4.1.1. 


Since 2.4, the first public release:

-    Dual-band heatmaps with new buttons on floorplan view

-    Colour key legend for heatmaps

-    Local location calculation based on both bands when available

-    New Aruba Networks MAC OUI (24:DE:C6)

-    Added to site survey display over floorplan and in log tab

-    Display scan results in RSSI order

-    Extensive logging for Airwave lookups and Airwave cookie login

-    Changed http user-agent string to match Galaxy Nexus

-    Reduced AMC upstream bandwidth test string length.

-    Fixed a couple of bugs in Lat/Long to x/y and vice versa

-    Fixed a bug where heatmaps were being drawn only based on AP tx pwr, not including AP-AP calibration

-    Fixed a crash when Wi-Fi connected but Internet was not reachable

-    Fixed crashes when null value strings were entered in preferences menu

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