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Aruba Utilities interim release 32

As Austin Colin points out, there are a couple of issues with the Controller tab and functionality:


- It's written for plain Telnet, and the Controller default is SSH.  Sorry, you will have to enable Telnet to make this function work.  I'll add SSH soon, it's not difficult to code.


- There's a woeful lack of diagnostics.  I've added entries to show when the Telnet socket connection fails and why - hopefully that makes the app more friendly.  Also added messages when buttons are pressed, I'll make them a more comprehensive later in the week.


- Here's an interim build 32, attached to this post (I'm having a bit of trouble attaching an apk here.  If you see a .txt, just download and rename it .apk and it should load on your Android device.  Or email me at ctodeveloperDOTarubanetworksATgmailDOTcom and I will shoot it over to you.)


Best wishes,