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Aruba Utilities log file question



I am new to using the Aruba Utilities.  I am using the utility to monitor over 4-5 hours  the RSSI of several Wifi AP's.  During this monitoring, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is not logged into any system so that the logs could be emailed to a recipient (me).


What i am trying to figure out if there's a way to just save the logs locally on the tablet.  My experience has been that if the application either stops restarts (accidently) before I could log in to another system, the the captured logs are lost.


Anyone know of a way around this or a way to save them on the device for later retrieval?


thank you



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Re: Aruba Utilities log file question


I have a method - see if it works for you.  Take your readings, use 'email logs' and call up a mail client app on the device.  Now you can compose your mail and the logs will be attached.  Next time the device connects to the Internet, the mail client will be able to send the email and logs.


Of course, this won't work with a Web email client.  But I use the gmail client and it seems to be OK.


Best wishes,

Peter T

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