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Aruba Utilities second anniversary

It was two years ago this weekend that I first posted Aruba Utilities to the Google Play Store.  This post runs through the current stats from the Store.  Please send bugs/corrections/suggestions to or this forum.


First, the numbers.  For all my Android apps:



Aruba Utilities has 10,266 current downloads after 2 years on the Store.  The number generally increases by 20-30 per day.


Here's a chart showing rollout by version over the past year:



I'm trying to do no more than one major release per quarter now, but sometimes there's a bug or two I want to fix quickly, so there's room for a supplemental after each major release.


And by Android version:



About 90% are on at least Android 4.1.  The min version allowed by the app is Android 3.1, and I still have an older version on the Google Play Store that goes back to 2.3.6.  But every so often I nudge up the min version because it allows the code to assume newer functions and also because higher-density displays allow more information on the screen, and although it may seem unlikely to some, I spend a good amount of time dreaming up new ways to concisely display all the useful information we can get on the Android platform.


If you use the app, or any of my other ones, do let me know how it goes either here or on the Google+ community for Beta testers




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