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Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

Just a few changes, mostly to the Controller Tab because of inconsistent SSH behaviour.


Can be downloaded from here:



Built v102 for Beta

!- Fixes in Controller Tab for fail conditions

!- Monospace fonts in display fields


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Re: Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

Hello again Antar,

I don't have any new bugs for you this time, but a couple of feature requests if possible?


1) Alphabetically sort the airwave site map list, at the moment everything is in a seemingly random order.

2) Have the option of adjusting the scale (left<->right) of the Wi-Fi Monitor tab

3) Have the option of exporting the Wi-Fi Monitor as an image


The reasoning behind requests 2 & 3 is that we are using our tablet to perform floor walks of newly commissioned or troublesome areas. Being able to save the output would be nice as it gives the project manager something pretty to look at. I know that I can just do a screenshot, but as the walks take around 5 mins, the 120s that is displayed is not enough.


Are any of these possible?


Many thanks,


Re: Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

Hello Domo,

It's always a pleasure to hear from someone who uses the app regularly, so thank you for your message.  Google tells me how many copies were downloaded, but nothing about who's using them, or for what purpose... which is a good thing for your privacy, but leaves me with little information about which features are useful, where it can be improved, etc.


Now for your questions:

1. Sort the AirWave site list... I have this feature coded so it will go out in the next release.  If you need it in a hurry, email me and I will send off a pre-release version.


2. Extend the timescale of the Monitor Tab.  I used to have it on a horizontal scroll so the bar-graph section (and the scanned APs under it) extended left-wards for ~10 minutes and could pan to touch.  But the scrolling got in the way of the Tab-swiping with the old navigation.  Now I could bring it back, but it is difficult to snapshot a ribbon like that, or send it off as an email attachment.


It sounds like you are doing a site-survey function?  You walk on a pre-defined path and want to see signal strengths?  There are a couple of features to help with that.

 - On the AirWave Tab, try "site survey mode".  This allows you to touch the screen when/where you want to make a measurement.  Measurements are captured in a .csv file that is attached to the "email" function.  Then you have a spreadsheet of BSSID/RSSI values at given xy points.  But I think I only report the strongest APs (that can be changed if you would find it useful).

- There's a function triggered on the "survey" button on the Monitor Tab.  Long-click to define and select points (1, 2, 3...) and then touch the button to take readings.  this creates another csv file that's emailed as an attachment.

- And there is the text file for the Log which is emailed.  This has entries for scans and measurements but it's in text so parsing is cumbersome.


If a picture would do it, I will think about extending the Monitor Tab bar-graph and emailing as a jpg or similar, would that be useful?  Or would you prefer data for a spreadsheet, like a csv file?


 3. Snapshot of the Monitor Tab.  If you use the "email" button you should find the app attaches a snapshot of the display among other attachments.  This is already in released versions since early this year.  That's my first effort at it, if you can see a way to improve it please let me know.


Thank you for your comments, please let me know if you have more ideas.  And I'd be grateful if you could mark up the notes above, especially if any of them look worthwhile.


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Re: Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

Thanks for the fast response :)


1. No need to rush a release for me, just knowing it is coming is good enough.

2. Extending the ribbon back again would be very nice, thanks.

3: I will try using the email functionality and let you know if I can see any improvements.


You are correct that we are using this as a site survey tool, however for the purposes of what we require, static snapshots of signal strengths aren't of a great importance to us. What we are a lot more interested in is the hand-off between APs as we roam. We have had some issues with sticky clients and the like in the past, and this ribbon is useful in looking at relative signal strengths, and pinpointing when the hand off happens, as well as letting us see if it is behaving as expected.


Extending the bar graph, and allowing it to be emailed as an image would be ideal for our purposes, if that is possible.


Re: Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

Hello again Domo,

I've been coding... I put back the horizontal scroll for the Wi-Fi Monitor Tab, and added it to the email attachments so now you should get two attachments of screenshot images:




(I had to crop the long strip above to get it into the blog)


So the idea is that emailing this long strip of signal strength vs time will let you see what went on in your walkaround survey.  I can make it go as long as 15 minutes (it's screen-dependent) but this affects real-time response of the app, so I'd like to keep it to 10 minutes.


- Does this look like an adequate solution for you?

- Would 10 minutes of history be enough?







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Re: Aruba Utilities v102 open Beta

That sounds fantastic thanks! :)

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