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Aruba Utilities v83 now on the Google Play Store

v83 was just pushed from Beta (no crashes in 2+ weeks) to Production.


Just one fix:


Built v83

!- fix for AP locate feature


This was a bug I introduced a couple of months ago, while cleaning up some other code.  It messed up the 'locate' feature which you will find on the Controller Tab.


I honestly didn't think anyone was using this feature.  I'm not very satisfied with it, but if it's of interest, I can look at improving it.  The original idea was for a 'sonar' where you could set it to an AP by AP name and it would give a stream of beeps to indicate how close you were (how strong the signal).  But support for synthesizing sounds in Android is rather backward (or I don't understand it well) and I ended up manufacturing the PCM points of a sine wave, which was an interesting mathematical exercise but surely not something the average app developer would like to spend time on.  Then it tended to crash in that (audio) library.


So the audio beeps were ditched, and instead it just prints a dBm figure whenever it gets a scan result from a BSSID on that AP.  Which is about every 6 seconds if everything is behaving - hardly real-time, but it can be useful for judging whether you are close-by or far-away from the AP, and for identifying the AP by name rather than BSSID.  It should work now.


Thanks to 'W' Independent School District for bringing this to my attention:  they actually called TAC, which must have surprised Aruba's finest, but they (TAC) passed it on and we had the new release with the fix out in a couple of days.


Do let me know if you have ideas for new functions to put in the app!





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