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Aruba Utilities version 34 released

Version 34 includes a re-vamped Controller tab allowing tablet-based WLAN monitoring and configuration.  Thanks to Austin Colin for his many suggestions.  I'm publishing on Google Play on 22nd February.


Release notes:



Built rev 34 with fixes/enhancements:

!- Added Colin’s canned commands

!- Improved response performance of telnet engine

!- Removed spurious entries from AP context menu

!- Added Thomas’s AirRecorder header option for telnet results

!- Fixed a crash resulting from cookie checking

!- Fixed a bug with re-use of SingleClientConnectionManager



Built rev 33 with fixes/enhancements:

!- Change button colour on press

!- Make locate beep less annoying (removed sound), add indication of RSSI

!- List only up/active APs

!- Save & email log

!- Add timestamp periodically

!- Pull-down for last 10 commands (pre-populated?)

!- Repeat last command every N sec (long-click for N)

!- Change order of tabs so controller tab is second

!- Make buttons larger

!- Removed the dedicated re-name keys, can be done free-form

!- Fixed crash Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.arubanetworks.arubautilities.CookieLogin.findDateDiff(

Re: Aruba Utilities version 34 released

                                         K33P Update this Great software.


                   Android + Aruba utilites = The best tech on-site tool!



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