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Aruba Utilities version 39 released

This update (from previously published version 36) has changes to the first page, the Handover tab.


The Handover view at the top now has a strip for current channel and another for Ping results.  These are based on single ping tests initiated every 500msec.  If the ping returns within 1 second, it is painted green; in 3 seconds, yellow and after that it is painted red. Pinging is controlled by a button at the bottom of the screen.  The ping target is the default gateway IP address.


The middle view is a 'Handover History' tab.  This gives 20 minutes' history of associations in the context of other scanned APs.  The vertical scale is for signal strength, and the BSSID of the new AP is printed at each handover.  The colours are coordinated with the 'Scan View' list below (although it's a hash, so sometimes APs will have the same colour).


The central button toggles the scan list to a series of logs generated by the Wi-Fi subsystem and the wpa_supplicant, these show the progress and status of authentication.  The timestamps are added when the log messages reach Aruba Utilities - they may not accurately reflect the timing of various events.


The 'unstick' button sends a 'reassociate' command to the Wi-Fi interface.  This should result in the chip scanning, and moving to a better AP if one is available, but the linkage is indirect and it has different effects on different devices.  If you are near an AP with good signal strength, but the device is still 'stuck' on an existing but weak association, 'unstick' should cause it to move to the better AP, even when it shows no signs of doing so autonomously.


Please let me know how it looks on your device.  The font sizes under the histograms are a little tricky so I would like to know if they need tweaking.



(view in My Videos)



Published v39

-    Added Handover History view

-    Button to select Wi-Fi event log

-    Ping function on handover tab

-    Unstick button on handover tab





MVP Guru

Re: Aruba Utilities version 39 released

Any chance of something like this on an iOS device? :smileyhappy:

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: Aruba Utilities version 39 released

Hello zalion0, that is a good question.


If you are talking about the information on the page above, where we interrogate the device's Wi-Fi interface for details of its connection and Wi-Fi scan information, the answer is no.  There was once an iOS API for that, but it was shut down after rls 2, and to my knowledge you still can't put an app on the Apple store if it's trying to use this API.  Jail-broken devices are a different matter, but I think that would limit our reach.


The other parts of Aruba Utilities (Airwave flooplan view, AMC client, probably also the controller telnet client) depend on sockets, terminal emulation and http/https and I believe those could be ported to iOS.  The Android version is taking up all the time I can spare at the moment, but if anyone would like to take the lead with an iOS version for these features, I'd be very happy to help.




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Re: Aruba Utilities version 39 released

Ok, please send and update news when someone have it (& for Windows too) :-)

New Contributor

Re: Aruba Utilities version 39 released

I am also very interested in an IOS version as I have been moved/forced to an iPhone and i'm missing this app already! I'm having to using a second android device just for this which is a pain. Can anyone point me to some good wireless tools for IOS? Thanks guys

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