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Aruba Utilities version 64 released

Aruba Utilities v64 was released on the Google Play Store today.  The important new feature is ALE API v1.1 support (see below).



What's New


Aruba Utilities v64 is the seventh Google Play release. It requires Android 3.0+, tested to Android 4.4.


!- Aruba Utilities now supports the ALE (Analytics and Location Engine) API v1.1.  If ALE is enabled in settings, the floorplan and target MAC location will be taken from ALE and Airwave will be implicitly disabled.

!- special setting for ‘locate all’… Settings > Compass Offset > 99 will show location and optionally show history for all devices on the floorplan (needs ‘track my mac’ false and a real ‘track this mac’ to get the right floorplan).

!- Settings is now organized as 5 profiles.  Previously stored settings will be converted to profile 0 on upgrade

!- email command automatically attaches available non-empty files including log, floorplan view snapshot, controller telnet log, survey results (Airwave or ALE), and survey pt file.

!- Aperf now takes its default values from the last command entered

!- Changed color algorithm for scanned BSSIDs

!- Improvements to the iPerf and ping implementation

!- Fixes to stop Android screen lock closing over the app

!- Red and yellow thresholds settable for rate and signal strength

!- It’s more difficult for Google Play Store to refuse to load a particular device with <uses-feature-not-required> in manifest

!- Improved ZMQ client to accommodate new ALE host address without restart

!- Added Wi-Fi Lock to keep Wi-Fi active when the device wants to shut it down

!- Offline floorplan caches ALE floorplans as well as AirWave

!- Added AP details on ‘current AP’ line of Handover Tab

!- Added new Aruba OUI 18:64:72



Consolidated bug list:

-    One report from Beta that an Android upgrade to 4.3 broke iPerf.  I think I saw this on my own devices and put in a fix, but I didn’t keep a good record of it so can’t be sure.

-    Aperf is much improved (internally, at least) but when used with the –d or –r (bidirectional) options, the server end exits at the end of the test.

-    Complaint on GPStore web page that htc one locks when running app

-    Modern devices sometimes stop scanning despite everything I can do in code to put a lock on the Wi-Fi interface.  Put the device in airplane mode and out again (or switch Wi-Fi off and on) to restore scanning

-    Intermittent empty-file email problem.  Is it fixed?

-    Screen lock still closes over the top sometimes.  Is it fixed?



Consolidated enhancement list:

&- Allow moving floorplan view without tab-swipe

&- Option to show passwords

&- Diagnostics for bad controller login with username/password/address

&- Hide Floorplan and AMC tab if Airwave access is disabled

&- Hide controller tab if controller login is not allowed

&- Vendor names for mac addresses, list should be changeable, importable, exportable

&- Aliases for mac addresses/aps, list should be changeable, importable, exportable

&- grouping of multiple bssids/radios to an ap

&- when I try to connect to a controller which is not reachable I get a java.lang.NullPointerException.

&- Name settings profiles rather than profile_0, profile_1, profile_2

&- The roaming screen is missing just one critical bit of data - wifi drops, perhaps if possible, replace the "channel" row with the output of:

show ap debug client-stats a4:ed:4e:fc:ad:a9 | include "After Retry"

&- ALE fingerprinter function for site surveys

&- AMC security mode still shows null

&- Sometimes comes up now with keyboard open and handoverhistory in centre?

&- Float the scale over handoverhistory window at left side

&- Incorporate AirRecorder

&- Setting to allow the user to auto enable / disable WiFi if it is off when the app is launched.. If off when app is launched enable, disable when app is closed..

&- fix the jumping histograms in Handover Tab (not as easy as it appears)


New Contributor

Re: Aruba Utilities version 64 released

Is there an updated User Guide for this that we can download?

Jim Genova
Wake Med Health & Hospitals
Network Engineer; ACMP, CWNA

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