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Buildings not showing in locations on Airwave



I have run the airwave update and found that all my buildings have moved to the top left of the Visual RF and not in the locations on the map. Can the buildings be moved? Or do I have to re do the lot over again.


I have attached a picture to show where all the buildings are


Many Thanks for your help


Re: Buildings not showing in locations on Airwave

Good Evening Rieyaad,


Based on the icon in your screen shot (Two Building Icon as opposed to One Building Icon), it looks like you may have your buildings split up into separate "Campuses"? If that's the case, then several of us have actually ran into this issue and there's a workaround at the following post - AirWave/AMP 8.2 VisualRF Campus Stacking

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Re: Buildings not showing in locations on Airwave



Thanks cbjohns. Re-inserting the background works but is there a way to automatically get the buildings back to their original locations without moving one at a time?

Re: Buildings not showing in locations on Airwave

Hi Rieyaad,


You're welcome, sorry for the delay.


While I was trying to reproduce this problem initially, I imported/restored a back-up of our VisualRF configuration into a second server - Restore VisualRF KB - and although the background image was initially blank, I do believe the locations were maintained.


I do believe it is possible, although you may want to open a TAC case concerning restoration of the original locations - they may have some commands to simplify this by extracting whatever file dictates the "campus map coordinates (x,y)" for the campus layout from your pre-8.2-backup that was created during the upgrade process. They may just attempt to perform the KB I referenced above to restore the entire VisualRF data, but I figured better to contact TAC just to be safe. 




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