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Clearpass + Workspace Base on the above presentation, workspace was automatically installed including the application provision by IT base on membership or group. The application shown on the presentation above is exactly the apps that are currently provision or ready to provision in clearpass. Email settings was also push (Exchange Active Sync?) and hence no need for an IT support. Is this still TRUE with the current release of Clearpass or is just a marketing scam? We recently purchase Aruba Clearpass + Workspace solution as our BYOD solution for our company. Currently, when user onboard their ios devices workspace doesn't automatically install. The user was just presented by a link to install workspace manually. Inside workspace, provisioned apps is not installed. Instead, the user was just presented by an app icon and when the user click on a specific apps, the user then redirected to apple app store to install the application under their own apple id. Worst is that the application is installed outside workspace. Email client like Mail+ for Aruba is not configured to the users email profile on exchange 2010. This experience or scenario is totally different from what is presented on Aruba youtube channel. Can somebody please confirm to me if this is the case now with the current clearpass or the clearpass deployment is wrongly configured. The whole Aruba BYOD solution is commissioned by an approved Aruba partner. To me this is not acceptable. Thanks, Emmanuel

Re: Clearpass + Workspace

Please work with your account team for further insights.

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