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Dense area coverage utility

Just curious if there is an Application that can assist in deployment of a highly dense area that calculates the fresnel zone for the area. I have about 40 APs to cover a highly dense area and using 30 degree antennas to isolate the coverage to an area. There of course will be channel design. Something like Visual RF? I am going to try to use the Aruba Outdoor RF Designer as an indoor application to see if this helps. And of course I can to standard calculations myself, but if there is a utility out there to make life easier I am all about that. I dont remember if the outdoor just includes the outdoor APs and MSRs or if it has the 204, 214 and 224 APs. I found a downtilt frensel calculator which helped with the calculations. Just looking for something like Visual RF or the Outdoor designer for indoor dense applications.

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Re: Dense area coverage utility

Honestly, if you are indoors, you should not be using outdoor antennas.  I would hire a reputable consultant to help you with your design, because no document can account for all the possible variables in your deployment.  I would take a look at the High Density VRD here:  as a starting point.

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