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Does anyone know about NSR?

Hi guys,


Does anyone know about NSR?

Someone told me the NSR was a software for log analysis which developed by aruba.

Cisco has  a similar software too.

But I can't find it anywhere.


Please some one tell me how to find it ? I've already tried google.

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Re: Does anyone know about NSR?

NSR stands for Network Summary Report, and is the dataset that is uploaded to Aruba TAC when you enable the Aruba controller 'phone home' feature (which is disabled by default). Phone home allows TAC to quickly get an overview of what is happening at a site and how the product is used (which features etc.).


So NSR is not a product but a dataset for the Aruba Mobility controllers. Logfile analysis is done by many customers on a central syslog server or SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system.

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