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How to obtain latest version of clearpass onguard?

I'm an external consultant for a company that uses clearpass onguard (version .

Just updated my OS to Windows 10 and as a result clearpass onguard no longer works.


How can I obtain the latest version of the onguard agent in ordr to upgrade it?

Apparently I need an account to download it from the aruba site, which I don't have... Is it available in any ohter way?



Re: How to obtain latest version of clearpass onguard?

There is not an external source where you can download onguard. It is built on the fly from the CPPM that you download it from. You will need to contact the customer and get the version they are running. If they have not upgraded CPPM to the latest version then you will only be able to use they one they are on. 

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Re: How to obtain latest version of clearpass onguard?

the best practise here is to upgrade your clearpass system to latest OS Code and the ongaurd will be updated as well download the new Onguard and try if still same issue try to install with compattiability mode of windwos 8 and if still not working send an email to aruba support and provide them with all details and ask them to pass your request to engineering department to start upgrading the code to be comaptibale with WIN 10 and I belive they should be working on that as you know with each new Windows in beging many application have some trouble .

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