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Issue with FTP when connected remote using VIA

I am having an issue when I am connected remotely using Aruba VIA.  Once I connect I am trying to connect to a server with FTP and do a LIST command.   I can get connected but when I do the LIST the data connection fails.


On wireshark I see the SYNC from the server to me on port 20 (FTP data) but my computer rejectects it.  It is the Windows firewall that is blocking it.


My question is when I am connected with Aruba VIA I have two active network adapters:

Local Area Connection - Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connection

Local Area Connection 2 - Aruba Virtual Adapter


I see packets from me being sent out on the Aruba Virtual Adapter and packets coming back to me are on the Intel(R) Gigabit adatper.


We have a Windows firewall running and when I am remote my connection is public so the windows firewall blocks the FTP data packets because they are not returning on the Aruba Virtual adapter.


Any idea how I can resolve my issue?   Has anyone else ran into this?

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