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Join the Aruba Utilities Beta Test Team

Google has introduced a Beta test function for Android Apps.  If you are interested in joining the Aruba Utilities Beta Test team, here's how to go about it:


1. Go the the Google+ Community called  'Aruba Utilities Beta Test Team' and request to join.

(Google's interface really confuses me, but I think you need to join Google+ first before you can join a community).


2. The moderator will accept your request, and you will be able to join the Community.  Once inside, you will find a post with a link to Google Play beta for Aruba Utilities.  Click on the link and you will see a window saying something like 'Welcome to the Beta Program'.


3. Some time later (maybe overnight) your Android device (which must be set up with your gmail account or whatever you use for Google+) will download a new version, currently v53 (which is for Android 3.0 and later, so if you're on 2.3.X you won't see it).


4. Follow the instructions to install and sail away.


I've been adding features continuously over the past 3 months since the last public release (v39) on 6 May.  Some early ALE support, also site survey/measurement tools, a way to use floorplans off-line, configurable red/yellow thresholds and more.  All in the Beta version.  The reason I didn't make an interim release was that I never had a version with all the new features stable simultaneously.  But the day approaches...


Many thanks for your help in making this app better - I promise to look at each and every bug report and feature suggestion.





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