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VIA Client Draining Resources



Recently, I have been trying to use VIA and I could never get the client workstation to connect. I'm using very basic crypo maps and preshared keys to try and get this going. I do not have DNS going at the moment.



Client ---- PAN Firewall ----- Controller


Workstation OS - Windows 7

Client - Aruba VIA client 3.2

PAN Firewall Config - Virtual Wire Setup with an Allow All Policy

Controller - Aruba 7205 with ArubaOS 6.5.4 FIPS (FIPS disabled)


I set the auto retry to 30 and noticed the following:


Datapath session Table

Using ports 443 and 4500

The controller is responding but the client continues to flood the controller. Doesn't seem to be recieving or reconizing a response.



Phase 1 is completed - Internal IP is assigned


L2TP Local Pool

5 IPs are assigned (only have the one client connecting)



Phase 2 is completed.... for about 40 different SAs same external IP different internal IP


Has anyone seen something like this before or has an idea of where to check?



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