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VIA Client Issues and VPN Disconnection



I am new to Aruba and would like to ask some questions regarding the above from the gurus here.


a) After a power outage, users in a remote site cannot logon to VPN using the VIA client. The default behaviour for succesful logon is that a login prompt will appear and users are prompted to enter their userid and password. In this case, the login prompt didn't appear and user cannot enter their userid and password.

The users have tried reloading the vpn profile but it didn't work. Any ideas what could be the issues and what troubleshooting steps can we take?


b) On an remote users, users are complaining that they got kicked off the session after 5 or 10 minutes online. I have escalated to the local Aruba vendor, sending them the VIA logs. The vendor have asked us to sniff the traffic from the remote site. However, it is an senstive site and the customer (government) would not allow sniffing. The vendor claimed that Aruba TAC would not troubleshoot unless they have the packet trace.

Any ideas on how I can check what wrong or  adjust certain parameters at the Aruba VPN Controller.  The idel timeout is the default 300 secs

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Re: VIA Client Issues and VPN Disconnection

We have been experiencing these types of issues for nearly a year now.....Some days it will connect without issues. Other days, we get Peer disconnected, never connects, via green circle spins and spins......

Only solution seems to be power cycling the controller or clearing the profile and downloading again to the client. But this is only temporary resolution.

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