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VIA VPN Client Silent Install

For starters, I am a server guy, but my network team asked that a package be created to push the VIA Client to our users. I am trying to push the x86 installer and having issues. I am able to push the client and it installs fine for all users, but about half the time I don’t get shortcuts on the desktop or in the start menu for all users. It will create the Aruba folder in All Programs, but no shortcuts. I have tried creating a transform file and still see the same issues. Obviously I could script the shortcuts to be created, but shouldn't need to. The account pushing the VIA Client is a domain admin account and is used to push all of our other programs without issues. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Client Devices:

Windows 7 Professional x86


VIA Client Version:


Command Line Install:

msiexec.exe /i ansetup.msi /qn /norestart

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Re: VIA VPN Client Silent Install



VIA installation creates application shortcut so that it can be displayed for all users.

For the windows 7, the location of the folder is "C:\Users\Public\Desktop".  

If you dont see the VIA shortcut (.lnk file) created in this folder, installer might have missed it.

To check if it is a miss,  collect msi Install log by adding "/l*v log.txt" to the msi command line. Either post the log file here of look for log the containing "AN_CA_CreateDesktopShortcut".



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