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Connect a Managed Controller/MC to MM


How to connect a managed controller to a MM?

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This solution shows how to initially configure a Managed Controller (MC) also known as a Managed Device (MD) and then deploy it in Mobility Master 8.0 domain model.  The MC can take a variety of platforms.  Most commonly it will be a hardware controller of different model types or it may be a VMC type.  In this solution, we deploy a 7220 hardware controller as an example but this can be generalized to most controller types.

The is the second or companion piece to setting up a simple MM cluster configuration.  The first or preceding solution is listed here:

Deploy a MM VMC to ESXi

Software Version(s) Required

A already configured Mobility Master 8.0 (MM) controller

Configuration Notes

Initial setup of the MM - MC requires coordinated configuration on both devices and is detailed in this solution.

The new MM model has a very different method of configuration after this setup.  All configurations are pushed to the MC from the MM.  Troubleshooting is still often done on the MC and MM depending on the specific issue.

Platform(s) Tested

Aruba 7220 controller running AOS 8.0

MM 8.0 Controller




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Quick question. Is there a plan for IAP VC's to work with MM as a Managed Controller (MC)/Managed Device (MD)?  If so, could you describe how it will operate?  Also, will MM and/or IAP VCs under a MM be able to link up to Aruba Central for management/monitoring services?


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